SMTP Server Setup


I will provide you with a complete setup that will allow you to send unlimited email campaigns as well as configure the server with the most recent EMS. MailWizz and PMTA will configure SMTP, and will also pass all authentications like SPF, dkim, dmarc, rDNS, etc.


Features on Detail:

  • Server installation
  • Automatic managed IP-Rotation
  • Configuring Virtual-MTA
  • Set Hourly limits per IP
  • DKIM, DMARC, ADSP, rDNS, SPF, MX, and EHLO mail server validations
  • Define bounce-back emails
  • Define feedback loops and complaint handling
  • Configure the Mail Box
  • Email-Tester: 10/10 Score
  • Cron jobs for automatic handling
  • IP warm-up guide